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The Law Office of Gayle J. Brown is built on the principle that people have a right to defend themselves. Whatever the charges, our nation has put in place rules to protect the individual from the power of the state. These rules must be followed no matter what the circumstances to ensure justice, not just for the individual, but also for all of the nation’s citizens.

Defense Attorney To Protect Your Rights, Your Family And Your Well-Being

As an attorney, Gayle J. Brown has devoted her practice to ensuring that her clients’ rights are not eroded by an unjust legal system. Led by Ms. Brown, our firm in Anchorage aggressively fights on behalf of our clients to see to it that each client enjoys the same rights guaranteed to all citizens.

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Attention To You And Your Goals

The law is not about abstract ideas; it’s about people and relationships. Ms. Brown’s experience has shown this at every turn. People want to know who their lawyer is. They want to know that they can rely on their lawyer.

Experiencing a serious injury, family law dispute or a criminal charge can often be among the most rattling experiences of one’s life. You do not have to face today’s difficulties alone.

Story About US

Our firm is built at a small enough scale that our clients know Ms. Brown and she knows her clients. We all get to know the specific facts of our clients’ cases so we can provide them with legal advice that is appropriate to their specific circumstances in Alaskan courts.

Ms. Brown’ provides clients with the tools they need to make informed legal decisions about what course of action they would like to take in a given situation. She enjoys being the person who defends other people and helps them find their way through some of the most difficult situations that people face in our society.

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To schedule your initial appointment with criminal defense attorney Gayle J. Brown, please call our firm at 1-866-930-0338. You can also set up an initial consultation by contacting the firm online.