Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery

Facing criminal charges for assault and battery often makes a person feel isolated and without hope. The consequences of a conviction are daunting: the effect on reputation and the damage to future employment opportunities.

For this reason, it is not unusual for someone to simply go into court by themselves and throw themselves on the mercy of the court, either by entering an admission of guilt or by simply hoping for the best. You do not have to make this mistake.

Instead, you should consult with our firm, the Law Office of Gayle J. Brown. We provide hope to criminal defense clients through sound and reliable legal advice. With our guidance, the firm’s clients many times can best manage the impact of the criminal charges on their lives, either by lessening the punishment or by getting the case entirely dismissed.


Bringing Hope To Clients’ Lives

Our firm adopts an aggressive defense posture from day one with every assault and battery case we accept. We do not simply wait for the prosecution to take the offensive and then react to the prosecution’s legal strategies. We work with our clients to develop our own theory of the case and the most effective criminal defense strategy possible.

Our office investigates all assault and battery cases for ourselves. In doing so, we examine all of the facts and evidence. Our firm’s attorney, Gayle J. Brown, demands all evidence that is in the hands of the law enforcement authorities. We make it our business to ensure that your rights are observed during the legal process. Using the facts gathered, Ms. Brown challenges the case even before it can go to trial. She uses this evidence at the negotiation table to get your charges negotiated down, or in front of a jury, arguing against the prosecution’s case.


Contact An Anchorage Assault and Battery Attorney

For a completely discreet and confidential discussion concerning your domestic assault and battery charges, please call our Alaska firm at 1-866-930-0338. You can also schedule an appointment to speak with a lawyer at our firm by contacting us online.