Child Custody Attorney Anchorage

Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Attorney Anchorage

Child custody battles are hard on everyone involved. It can be easy to frame the other parent as a monster, but this only makes things more difficult on the children. Your lawyer should be there to comfort you during this difficult process, but also to help you make smart legal decisions.

At the Law Office of Gayle J. Brown, we have more than 20 years of experience as Child Custody Attorneys, guiding parents in Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding areas through the child custody process. Whether you are going through a divorce or modifying an existing custody order, we will protect you and your child’s interests. For divorce attorney visit here.


Determining Child Custody In Alaska Family Court

The family court will look at nine primary factors to determine child custody. The most important three are:

  • How much does each parent encourage the child to have a relationship with the other parent?
  • Are there any past or present domestic violence charges?
  • Does the child have a preference regarding custody?

Child custody litigation is about showing the judge that your recommendations are in your child’s best interests. Most of the time, bickering in court and making false accusations will only hurt your case. Anchorage Child Custody Attorney, Gayle Brown, will take the time to listen to your side of the story and help you present a strong case to the court.


Modifications To Child Custody And Support Orders

The initial child support orders will likely be heavily dependent on the custody arrangement. However, every situation is different, and circumstances change. We have extensive experience helping parents with custody and support modifications when:

  • One parent is convicted of a crime
  • One parent moves out of the city or out of Alaska
  • The child’s needs change significantly
  • The child’s preference changes as he or she gets older


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