Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

A reckless driving charge carries with it criminal consequences. A reckless driving conviction makes ripples throughout someone’s life. The social stigma of such a conviction, plus the effect on any future employment opportunities, makes it extremely important that any reckless driving charge gets dealt with aggressively and decisively.

The Law Office of Gayle J. Brown will advise you with respect to how to go about managing and perhaps even defeating a reckless driving charge. Contact our office in Anchorage for experienced defense.


Traffic Violations Can Stay With You — Let Gayle J. Brown Help

Attorney Gayle J. Brown takes these cases personally. She understands the personal issues at stake for our firm’s clients. She works with all of our criminal defense clients to ensure that she develops a relationship with them.

As part of this relationship, Ms. Brown works with all of our clients to investigate the facts of every case for herself. Instead of relying on what the law enforcement authorities only say, Ms. Brown demands and receives the actual documents and facts that the authorities are relying on to make their case against you.

Ms. Brown investigates every element of the case. She examines any tape recordings of the event, any police officer’s notes. She will watch any videos of the arrest. Ms. Brown often visits the scene with the client so the client can explain step by step exactly what happened.

A thorough investigation of the matter will many times provide Ms. Brown with the information our firm needs to end your case before it ever goes to court. She can many times negotiate your case down to lesser charges or perhaps even bring a motion to successfully dismiss your case entirely.


Contact An Anchorage Reckless Driving Attorney

To schedule your initial appointment with a lawyer from our Alaska firm to discuss your reckless driving questions, please call us at 1-866-930-0338. You can also contact us online to set a time for meeting with us to have a completely confidential and discreet discussion concerning your legal questions.