Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Few, if any, criminal charges carry with them the social stigma of sex crimes charges, particularly if those charges involve a minor or child pornography.

While other people may abandon you, our firm will help you. We work with you to gather the facts you need to develop the most effective legal defense for your circumstances.

Our firm regularly represents people facing criminal charges for sex crimes. We understand the complicated legal and personal issues surrounding criminal defense cases and how to approach them from a legal strategy perspective. We make it our personal mission to provide you with hope during perhaps the darkest times of your life.


Alaska State Court Defense Attorney

By focusing only on state court cases, Gayle Brown emphasizes our firm’s service to the people of the state of Alaska.

Sexual Abuse Defense

She defends our firm’s Alaskan clients against charges of sexual abuse of a minor, adult sexual assault and other sex crimes. Her sexual assault cases have involved authority figures and underage minors.

Prostitution Defense

Ms. Brown also defends clients who have been arrested as a part of prostitution stings. In particular, she represents defendants who face charges arising out of an arrest at massage parlors. In these cases, Ms. Brown aggressively pursues fact discovery. She demands the tape recording of the event itself to determine the value, if any, which such evidence might have in the prosecution’s case. Not uncommonly, Ms. Brown may be able to use these recordings to get your case dismissed before it ever reaches trial.

Child Pornography Defense

In addressing these cases, Ms. Brown places a premium on providing real-life personal attention to each of our firm’s clients. These cases can only be resolved by paying close attention to the evidence involved in the case. They require a fact- and evidence-intensive approach. Ms. Brown provides all of her clients with legal defenses to these charges that are specifically tailored to the facts of their individual cases.


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