Welcome to the best out of the best Family Lawyers in Anchorage Alaska. We specialize in many areas of law that include, but not limited to the following:

  • Criminal Defense

  • Personal Injury

  • Family Law

Criminal Law All through Anchorage and Encompassing Territories

We give lawful direction regard to a wide assortment of criminal resistance matters. Whatever criminal allegations you face, we focus on it to challenge the state's body of evidence against you at each progression, substantively and procedurally. In doing as such, we give you the best odds of accomplishment and ensure your privileges during criminal legitimate procedures.

If you have a case within one of these parameters, we can help you:

  • Assault & Battery

  • Burglary, Theft, and Robbery

  • Domestic Violence

  • Drug Crimes

  • Drunk Driving aka DUI

  • Juvenile Crimes

  • Probation Violations

  • Reckless Driving

  • Sex Crimes

Personal Injury Cases That Test Your Wellbeing and Finances

Genuine damage carries with it its own interesting difficulties. Loss of salary, individual strain and enthusiastic challenges can some of the time follow. Through the legitimate system of car related individual damage cases, the law gives a road through which a harmed individual can guarantee those returns and advantages that are now and again made essential by the damage and its unexpected related expenses. We contend energetically for our customers against the insurance agencies and lawyers who attempt to deny our customers their privileges.

Family Law Specialties

Conjugal arranging: Numerous individuals see prenuptial and postnuptial understandings as proof of an undesirable relationship. In all actuality, finding a way to get ready for the unforeseen can give you and your mate true serenity, knowing how contradictions would be settled. Much of the time, it helps defeat money related questions and other conjugal issues on the grounds that the choices have just been made.

Youngster related issues: Regardless of whether you are beginning a family by receiving just because, you are remarried and keen on stepparent receptions, or you are a grandparent thinking about a kid with truant guardians, you need legitimate security for yourself and your kid. We can help guarantee your privileges as a watchman are legitimately settled so you can give the most ideal consideration.

Separation and conjugal partition: When you and your mate choose to disintegrate your marriage, you should work out insights regarding child rearing time for kids, appearance plans, spousal help installments (divorce settlement), youngster support, property division and considerably more. We can help ensure your voice is heard in dealings and in suit with your divorce attorney Anchorage, AK — whatever means are important to get the most positive outcomes conceivable.

Post-separate from adjustments and authorization: Life goes on after your separation is conclusive. It will proceed to change thus will your family's needs. You may find a new line of work that makes you migrate. You or your life partner may remarry. These sorts of issues will impact your current kid care and money related understandings. Regardless of whether you must change a current understanding or need assistance authorizing an understanding, our lawyer can help.

How Can My Alaskan Family Lawyer Help Me?

A legal advisor can:

  • Offer you guidance regarding the best strategy to take for a situation

  • Draft administrative work to document in court

  • Speak with the restricting party or their legal counselor whenever spoke to

  • Make sense of what is the most supportive proof to introduce for your situation

  • Set you up to give declaration in court

  • Speak to you in court procedures

  • Question observers and the contradicting party in court

Why Choose Us?

At the point when you are associated with a family matter that requires lawful direction or experiencing the court framework, you unquestionably need a backer on your side you can trust to give you sound lawful guidance, work for your eventual benefits, and for the most part give you the help you're searching for. Be that as it may, finding a family legal advisor is no simple accomplishment; while there are many legal counselors all through Anchorage and encompassing zones of The Frozen North, how would you know which attorney is the best one for your case?

Our Law office Can Deal with Your Family Law Issue, Regardless of How Large or How Little

At the point when you are engaged with a family law matter it can feel like your reality is turning, which is the reason you need a delegate on your side who will treat your family law matter as truly as you do. At the Cate Law office, P.A., no legitimate issue is excessively confused, nor unreasonably little, for us to take on. In fact, we have taken care of incalculable family law cases in the accompanying practice zones:

  • Separation

  • Kid care and appearance

  • Kid support

  • Divorce settlement

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial understandings

  • Grandparent care and appearance

  • In-family and coordinated position selections

  • Division of property

  • Transitory help orders

  • Requests of Insurance

  • Scorn activities

  • Changes.

At the point when you call us, we guarantee to treat your legitimate issue with the regard that it, and you, merit.

We Are Not Hesitant to Battle for You

We set aside the effort to make sense of precisely what your case requests, and we consider all components in that. While we do consistently organize intervention and working with different gatherings to arrive at a settlement that works for everybody out of court, we are not scared by going to court, and will battle for you in court if that is the stuff to determine your family law matter decently. We never need you to need to settle on the things that issue to you most.

Anchorage Correctional Complex

Detainees housed at Anchorage Correctional Complex can do an assortment of self-improvement programs. Contingent upon the structure the detainee is in they may approach AA, outrage the executives’ courses, and instructive projects. A portion of the instructive projects incorporate fundamental training, which is learning aptitudes that are underneath a secondary school instruction, and furthermore GED programs which covers secondary school training and confirmations. Prisoners can likewise exploit numerous PC courses and resume composing classes that will show a detainee the rudiments they have to know to acquire a vocation after being discharged.

At the point when a prisoner initially lands at Anchorage Correctional Complex they will be looked and handcuffed and moved to the booking office. The detainee ought to guarantee they have no close to home property with them, however, are urged to carry a limited quantity of money to put on their grocery store. They will be tranquilize tried and managed a breathalyzer. A therapeutic survey will be given to the prisoner and afterward they will be fingerprinted, and their detainee photograph will be taken. Next you will be accompanied to a space to be strip looked and gave your jail uniform, just as given your lodging area. When the prisoner has finished the whole reserving procedure and is in their relegated lodging territory, they will have the option to make a gather call.

Anchorage Correctional Complex Visiting Hours

There are two offices situated at Anchorage Correctional Complex. Detainees at every office are permitted to have a solitary one hour visit every day, and a limit of three guests one after another.

Anchorage East office has regular appearances at the following times:

  • 9am

  • 10am

  • 1pm

  • 2pm

  • 6:30pm

  • 7:30pm

Guests won't be admitted to appearance if they appear during the most recent 30 minutes of any appearance opening, you can anyway sign in for appearance if an hour prior to the space begins.

Anchorage West office has somewhat unique appearance times. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday detainees have visiting hours on:


  • 9-10am


  • 1-2pm

  • 7pm-8pm

On Thursday there is just visiting at 1pm and 2pm. Saturday and Sunday appearance is held on:


  • 8-10am


  • 1-2pm

  • 7pm-8pm